WATCH: Mayor Rodrigo Duterte dancing “BUDOTS”

The man who feared by many criminals in Davao and called by some people as the “Terror Mayor” of the city shared his hidden talent. According to some locals of Davao, Mayor Duterte really loves dancing and trying to learn the latest dance moves like “Budots”.
Watch Mayor Duterte’s skill in dancing budots together with some foreignoys who challenges him to dance.

Part 1

Part 2

Because of his rising popularity in Luzon, the “Kapuso mo, Jessica Soho” show is now featuring this man. Because of his undaunted personality, he is now slowly grabbing many people’s heart in luzon and they believed that Mayor Duterte is the only solution to the rising crime rate in the Philippines.
People who still not know him is not expecting that this Mayor can also be funny sometimes! They thought that Mayor Duterte is a very serious type person and not accepting dance challenge like this! Salute to Mayor Duterte!

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