Duterte cries after being touched by the sick kids who dedicated a song him

WARNING: This video will show the soft side of Duterte, prepare your tissue.
Many People didn’t know that Mayor Duterte is a man who is hiding a soft side.
Mayor Duterte is known in Davao as a man who really love kids and ladies, he also passed a law that every fine in the Anti Smoking Ordinance will be donated to the kids who suffers in deadly diseases like Cancer.
On December 8, 2014. The kids from House of Hope that funded by the Anti-Smoking Ordinance of Davao City dedicated a surprise song for the Punisher.
The song “Salamat” by Yeng Costantino were performed by the kids for the Davao Mayor and the Punisher who is known for being tough and Macho became Teary-Eyed.
According to the source of the video, this is one of the best reason why Duterte must become the President of the Philippines.

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