VIRAL LOVE STORY: Boyfriend Proudly Shares Love Story With His 'Plus Sized Girlfriend'

Often times we hear the phrase Love comes in all shapes and sizes. This phrase is widely-used by many lovers as they accept the wholeness of their partner through the course of their romantic relationship.

This is indeed true that love has no definite form and definite size especially for Jeto Guanzon. Guanzon went viral as he proudly shared with Facebook Page, Love What Matters his love story with his plus sized girlfriend. His post made rounds in the internet instantly reaching 112k reactions and 40k shares.

 Guanzon proved that not all boys in the world look for the sexiest girl in the crowd. Guanzon showed how much he loves his girlfriend although she does not conform to the society's standard of being slim and fit. Guanzon said: "She's my girlfriend.

She's the one I love. Yes she's Big. Yes she's plus size. Yes she has great curves. And Yes I love her. I just wanna tell you that not all men want party girls and sexy girls. I love her just the way she is. I feel like I'm a better man when I'm with her. And to whoever wanna bash her you gotta deal with me. Because she is always, always worth fighting for."

His shared photos of him and girlfriend which basically sums up the great relationship they have.

Many netizens shared their reaction on the post saying that they were inspired by the love story of the two and it made them believe again to the true essence of love. They even shared how are it is for a man like Guanzon to appreciate the beauty of his girlfriend even though she is not what the society wants.

Meanwhile, the couple attracted many followers on Facebook who became motivated by their extraordinary love story.

source: TNP

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