DepEd Proposes Teachers' Monthly Salary to Increase To Php 39,000.

Finally, after years of being overworked and underpaid, teachers might finally get the salary they deserve.

A proposal which aims to increase the wages of teachers is now being reviewed. This was confirmed by DepEd Secretary Leonor Briones, who shared their aim to increase a teachers' monthly salary from Php 19,000 (Php 23,000 when benefits are included) to Php 39,000.

Php 200 Billion is needed for the allotted budget.

My impression during Cabinet meetings is that the President wants to keep his (election) promise...our budget right now is one-third of the entire national budget. And we will be adding 200 billion minimum to be able to fulfill that promise. So, perhaps to fulfill that promise, without creating an even wider gap with the policemen, nurses, clerks, janitors, drivers and so on, this has to be carefully planned in terms of the financial requirements, Briones stated.

However, there are many things left to consider before the salary increase comes to pass, such as the subjects taught, the teacher’s rank, and the discrepancy between private and public school teacher salary.

I'm not saying that they should not be done. I'm just saying what the magnitudes are because we are asked to make a very quick computation, she said.

There are an increasing number of private schools which are now closing because they cannot retain their teachers who are migrating to the public sector. So even as you take care of the public school teachers, as is currently demanded, you have to look also at the situation of the private school teachers, particularly those teaching kindergarten and the volunteers, She explained.

So those are the things that are considered by the policy makers. And my impression is that, the President will fulfill that promise but not in one fell swoop because you cannot contemplate the inflationary impact, She added.

Many teachers are hopeful for the pay increase, even though it is too early to tell whether it will be approved or not.

source: TNP
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